Rosetta Andy (2nd Auckland Regionals)

Ven 61

Like usual, I found a list containing a card I wanted to play (Rosetta 2.0), changed it to suit my meta, played it at most twice, then took it to regionals. It went 3-1 in Swiss against Skorpios code gate lockout, Palana FA and Boom! Sync (though this was a fluke; more on this later), dropping a match to an Aginfusion glacier, and in top 4 it won against a Door to Door Making News and dropped against Boom! Sync in the finals.

Most cards pulled their weight - I was reasonably happy with the program suite, and Rosetta wasn't quite as jank as I thought it would be. On the day, Aeneas Informant and Maxwell James were relatively underwhelming (didn't play against as much asset spam or troublesome remotes as I anticipated), but they're probably worth keeping around for some matchups.

I would definitely make room for 2-3 employee strikes - ditch the Deuces Wild and a sucker (but first find room for another cache). This deck died to Scarcity of Resources. If you want more influence for other toys, then film critic can also be cut depending on the meta. The toughest match up of the day was 24/7 Boom! Sync, which I beat in Swiss purely because of agenda flood. In the finals, despite having a near flawless game, I was unable to stop it from sending a rocket through Andy's window. That deck is vicious; I think it's not enough to avoid the combo to beat it - you have to be able to survive the kill. Plascrete would be a natural addition if this deck is a concern.

To comment on how Rosetta felt - it can certainly suck to get it down early on if you don't get a good start or a career fair (which is why I went with Andy), but saving the click versus special order and being able to keep the invested credits on temporary programs like Cache (probably should be 3-of) and Sneakdoor was fantastic.