Fiery Informant (1st, Auckland Regionals)

Fjord 1777

Another win for @Beyoken Fiery Informant. Thanks to him, @MikeJS, and Dave Rogers for the great analysis they've posted on the deck. Check it out here:

2016 Worlds Analysis

2017 Euros Analysis

The deck really is the product of some very high level tuning. There's a couple ways SYNC could have gone with the new cards since 2016 (My 2016 Regionals SYNC) and simply picking the good cards would not have created this. The main one being the agenda suite, cutting Astro is madness, but this is a deck that knows what it wants to do and how to get there.

Finally I'll just add that this deck takes some practice to understand and it showed up in the UK testing crew's stats. Experienced players had a 20% higher winrate than another good player that was new to the deck.

15 Jul 2017 PureFlight

No Astro is MADNESS

But the NAPD makes sense. You're never going to score it anyway, ya? Bc you're just getting easy Kitties, scoring BN's and EoI GFIs?

I'm sorry if any readers are not familiar with anything that I just typed. Netrunner has a language.

16 Jul 2017 Fjord

Yep that's right. Although sometimes you do have to score out against a good runner playing around everything. In that case it's actually easier to score an NAPD than an Astro in a weak remote.

16 Jul 2017 MikeJS

Good deck is good. Congrats on your finish :) How did you find Authenticator?

17 Jul 2017 Fjord

I tested your list card for card first Mike and found IP Block was having a bit of trouble activating in my meta. The idea was Authenticator outside would give it a little positional boost.

On the day it mostly did some great work taxing at 4 to break. I think it actually lured two criminals to their deaths as well. Here's what happened twice:

20 Jul 2017 MikeJS

IP Block is certainly a meta call. If you expect AI, it's great. Nice synergy with Authenticator, which I hadn't considered!

I like your Aaron anecdote. He is a great counter to the deck, but he's a blank card if there are no counters on him :)