A Non-Violent Revolution - Post Rotation Build

BreakAway8 40

"There is but one truth in the practice of enacting a coup: regardless of your martial strength, no authority falls without the widespread dissemination of anti-government information. For this reason, the control of a single Post Office rewards more than the loyalty of a hundred soldiers." -Tenets of Non-Violent Revolution

This is a Post Rotation Fast Advance Glacier deck that I've been working on since the release of Red Planet Couriers (RPC) and boy oh boy is it fun to pilot.

At the centre of the deck is the (by now well known) Fast Advance combo of Government Takeover, Biotic Labor, RPC, and advancable ice/assets. The idea is to have 9 advancement tokens spread out over your ice/assets, Biotic Labour (BL) Government Takeover (GT) and RPC in your hand, and 9 credits at the start of your turn. BL to earn a 4th click, install GT and then spend your final 3 clicks on RPC to score a GT in a single turn! What a time to be alive!

The Glacier part of the deck is secondary as it acts as a support to the Fast Advance aspect (in terms of ice with advancement counters on them) and also to keep the runner out of the central servers.


GT: Obviously this card reduces agenda density and combos fantastically with RPC. It's a risk though (taking over the government always is).

Global Food Initiative: Included as I had two influence left over and Hollywood Renovation was too risky even with the free advancement tokens.

Hostile Takeover: Useful for a monetary burst and also closing out the game when combined with GT.

Oaktown Renovation: Money.


Anson Rose's contribution is threefold:

  1. Providing advancement counters for strengthening ice.
  2. Providing advancement counters for Mass Commercialisation.
  3. Providing advancement counters for RPC.

He's great but his role is, while still ancillary, very much a luxury and as such I feel comfortable only having 1 copy in the deck.

Sandburg : The MVP for boosting ice strength. It is very infrequent that this deck is not making it rain credits. Two have been included as it's a must trash for Runners.


Cyberdex Virus Suite: To ward off Medium digs and Clot.


BL: For when you absolutely HAVE to takeover the government RIGHT NOW.

Fast Track: Used to find GT. Often GT will be the last piece of the combo needed and Fast Trask gets it to HQ when needed. Fast Track, Biotic, Biotic, install GT, RPC if you really need to get it done this turn and the cards to do it are in HQ (as well as 13 credits).

Hedge Fund: Money.

IPO: Money.

Mass Commercialization: Absolutely insane amounts of money. I've gone from 0 to 18 credits in a single click.

Paywall Implementation: For turning off currents like Employee Strike which takes away your pretty useful meat damage tax.

Preemptive Action: This is a Post Rotation deck after all. Recur Mass Commercialisations to turn your Sandburged super-powered ice into even stronger ice!

RPC: Needed for Fast Advancing agendas.

Shipment from Kaguya: For advancing ice.


Almost all gain either strength or meatier subroutines when advanced. Once advanced they help bring about the eventual GT and also make the ID ability relevant. Matrix Analyzer has yet to make it into play but in theory it could be incredibly useful.