Loki Takes Over The Marvel Comic Universe

Handsome Jack 1589

A weird Harpsichord deck that just might work. Impale the runner on Award Baits by deflecting Loki into a Kitsune, while the runner helps you score 5/3s! Yay! Use News Team to keep their agenda points down, and use all of the tricks at your disposal to disrupt them if they go tagme!

Agendas: lots of 3/1s that disrupt the runner, like TGTBT and Award Bait. The only 3/1 you might score is Profiteering or QPM. Reeducation is your friend because the runner losing key cards to the bottom, no less is super annoying.

Assets: Jackson and News Team to give them negative agenda points! Yay!

Operations: Money and a random assortment of tag punishment. I'm just using Bad Times for lulz, it's actual effectiveness is debateable (actually it is probably terrible right now don't use it).

ICE:A grab bag of taxers, anti AI's, and gearchecks. The Loki Kitsune combo is the real star here.