Merchant Raider

obscurica 1297

Between Hacktivist Meeting, Maw, and Alice Merchant: Clan Agitator's ability, it ought to be pretty feasible to wholesale-plunder the corp's hand and field presence. Furthermore, since Salsette Slums replaces trash effects, you can utilize Maw to its fullest effect and still counter asset spam strategies.

That's brutal. That's more than a little vicious. I like that.

21 Jul 2017 Skeletons

Sorry to say but Salsette Slums doesn't trigger Maw (see the FAQ on its page). However, you can always swap those slums out for Archives Interface and have almost as much fun!

21 Jul 2017 obscurica

@Skeletons Drat. ... Archives Interface it is then...

21 Jul 2017 obscurica

@Skeletons In retrospect: maybe keep one Salsette and swap the other for one Archives Interface. Sometimes there are assets you'd rather see removed entirely, rather than leave a window for Jackson, you know?

21 Jul 2017 rubyvr00m

Only one of each breaker in a 50 card deck? Seems dicey.

21 Jul 2017 CactusJack

@rubyvr00mDicey is the Anarch way, m8. ;-)

21 Jul 2017 obscurica

I mean, if all else fails, wait for Parasite to take something down and recycle it. >_>

22 Jul 2017 Skeletons

@obscurica Give it a shot, you may find 1x of each not nearly reliable enough though.