Hard work doesn't cost much!

BiebelJuice3x 8

First off, I'm just a casual player. Second, this is my favorite runner to play because Nasir is so much fun! I played a lot of matches and tweaked this deck quite a bit and I think I finally settled on this final version.

My strategy is to whip out ice for any sort of occasion that are a trash cost to use. I love the Personal Workshop/Order of Sol combo for being able to really use that econ you get from rezzing ice. Patachantra/Gingerbread combo is deadly until they create a "beanstalk server" with more than 4 ice. If that happens, attack their R&D. Hopefully, by the time the Corp has realized the full fire power of this deck, you will have made a couple successful mad dashes. I think my main weakness is being tagged. Let me know what you guys think!