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This is a teaching deck for starting the TD storyline with newer players. It's not designed to be the strongest possible combination, nor does it have any real synergy with TD cards you might include during the campaign.

Instead, this is a theme deck intended to be played against my other TD decklists so that both corp and runner are evenly balanced.

I constrained the lists to a single core box and I deliberately restricted the faction mixes so that each ID had a unique feel and play-style. I also tried to ensure that both sides had suitable counters and mitigations for their opponent's win conditions.

Because Gordian Blade belongs to Ayla and Anarchs have no boostable decoders, I had to give Steve the Parasite kit in order to deal with things like Tollbooth and Chum.

Dodge tags and try to sneak into HQ whenever possible.

23 Jul 2017 YankeeFlatline

are you ignoring mwl? why not use the con job breakers?