"Tag me, mother******!" (3-1 at GNK)

Creaphis 130

This is the most all-in, guts-or-glory deck I've ever made and it's a ton of fun whether you win or lose. The game plan might be obvious enough just from the deck list, but I'll spell it out anyway:

The natural follow-up question is, "How do you not die?" I'll be honest, this deck's success rate is pretty matchup-dependent, but there are actually no games that you just automatically lose. If you're fearing Boom, make sure that the first time you finish your turn with 2 tags you have Obelus on board with 7 cards and at least one copy of I've Had Worse in hand. If you can survive two Booms in two consecutive turns, you're still in the game and the Corp is a lot poorer than when they started. Just keep spamming Siphons and they'll stay that way.

Another follow-up: "Why no DLR? Well, I considered including it as an alternate win condition, but then you have to rebuild the entire deck to include resource protection tech and yada yada yada. This is a vastly more aggressive deck, and the few resources you're running can (and should) be popped on the same turn they're installed. The only time I've installed a resource and passed the turn was to force a broke Corp to waste a turn trashing it.

Overall, the deck performs well, and when I lose I usually get to blame my own misplays and strategic errors instead of draw luck or the specific matchup. At the GNK tourney in question, the game I lost was against a Jinteki mind games deck. They had Fumiko Yamamori rezzed, and I forgot that Psychic Field is a card.

Other notes:

  • I put Making an Entrance in this deck to try to improve my odds against Skorpios, but it does a lot of work in every game. It takes weight off your Déjà Vus and Same Old Things by stopping the best stuff from landing in the trash in the first place.

  • Knifed and Spooned could be cut, since this deck aims to win with a couple of explosive accesses instead of long-term control, but there's been a lot of AgInfusion in my local meta lately, and once they rez a Chiyashi I'm in deep trouble.

  • Scrubbed is a pretty rare tech choice, but it seems alright here - Siphons already slow down the Corp's horizontal growth somewhat (making Hacktivist Meetings less important), and if you want to use God of War as an actual, functional breaker and not just a way to accrue tags, you need the strength reduction.

  • Dean Lister is the other way to close the gap between high-strength ice and a 0-strength God of War. Install and pop it on the same turn, and break into just about any server (barring AI hate) for two credits and some power counters. Note that the Dean will usually be supercharged thanks to the next card:

  • Obelus doesn't provide much draw since you won't be running for single accesses very frequently. When you're not Siphoning or attacking scoring remotes, you should focus on getting money and combo pieces. But, once you fire off Counter Surveillance, if you don't win the game outright you get to draw as many cards as you have tags, and then keep all of them, which is dang good. To keep your hand size way out of kill range on your Levy turn, you can install Counter Surveillance, play Levy AR Lab Access, and pop CS on R&D, immediately drawing a third of your deck with Obelus.

  • Datasucker is here as a support card for God of War. Sometimes it does a lot of work, sometimes it doesn't - it's definitely a candidate for removal if there's something else you'd rather play. One thing to note is that GoW is a virus, so if you need to Déjà Vu your first GoW back from archives, you get to grab a Datasucker along with it.

  • No Eater? I think there's a good argument for including a couple copies in this deck to help with Siphon spam, and then you could potentially remove some God of War support cards (Datasucker, Dean Lister, Scrubbed). But, the ability to threaten scoring attempts with an AI breaker is very valuable, and breaking subroutines for free isn't bad either (the Corp usually won't have time to purge your counters).

24 Jul 2017 moistloaf

I was talking so much smack on god of war but I have to try this deck. I love the lister include, makes so much sense

24 Jul 2017 SneakdoorMelb

I really like this, the Obelus/Lister/God of War synergy is fantastic and it's an interesting take on the classic Siphon MaxX strat. Feels like you could include Jarogniew Mercs or Plas pretty easily by taking out support cards - probably Scrubbed.

25 Jul 2017 Creaphis

A more sensible version of this deck would definitely run Plascrete. I was thinking that since it's possible to survive Boom just by leaning a little harder on Obelus, I'd try to play this deck without additional tech cards. But yeah, +1 Plascrete, -1 Scrubbed or Spooned would be a good call.

Jarogniew Mercs synergizes almost perfectly with this deck, since it's cheaper than Plascrete, gives the runner a tag and would usually come into play with more counters than you could ever need. The problem is getting it to stick. You'd have to install it along Wireless Net Pavilion, so that the Corp at least has to spend 6 credits and 2 clicks to trash Mercs, and then you have to include multiple copies of both cards in your deck since they're of little use separately, and at that point you might as well include 3 copies of Fall Guy and make a DLR deck.