QuantumRiddler 15

First time publishing a decklist! :) I'm from the SF meta (newish to the scene).

This is a deck that I've been working on the last few days but it seems to have some real power.

In particular there is strong synergy between Mars For Martians, [Counter Surveillance], God of War, Obelus, and Dean Lister.

The goal is to get some econ and Wyldside down early. Once you have a Wireless Net Pavilion and/or Fall Guy, go tag me. This deck does not rely on resources as Counter Surveillance and Dean Lister can be installed on the turn they are needed. Get down as many God of War and Joshua B. (the anarch Beth) to accumulate large numbers of tags.

Use Obelus and Jarogniew Mercs for protection against dying to meat damage. Also Mercs gives you that +1 draw when you play Mars for Martians. MfM is truly the MVP of the deck. I will often end a turn with Deja Vu for MfM so I can play another one at the start of the following turn.

Win condition: Counter Surveillance. Once tagged, you need two MfM and a single Counter Surveillance. Play MfM to get money, next turn you will be playing another MfM and dropping all those credits into Counter Surveillance, so the first one will have to get you into R&D. There is never a reason not to have as many tags as possible. How to get into R&D: Maxx + conspiracy breakers is one option, Faust is another option, and God of War + Dean Lister is your third option (and most efficient).

Recursion: two Levy AR Lab Access and 1 Trope. I originally had 2 Trope and Same Old Thing but between the three of them and Deja Vu you should always have a way to restart your deck. Recursion is key so watch out for Chronos Protocol & Skorpios is annoying (but not too problematic).

Random comments: Net damage decks are not a problem. You will have ALL the cards. Try to time Counter Surveillance runs when you can get a lot of draw from Obelus. There is not a huge need to save up for a final combo turn. Your entire deck is replaceable so burn through it fast while accumulating tags and start again with Levy. Vamp is sometimes amazing to shut the corp down and +1 tag doesn't hurt. You will have a surprisingly large amount of money in late game so paying 16 credits to break a Chiyashi with God of War is really not so bad.

This deck has not been tested at a tournament but has only lost 1 game on JNet casual out of 12 or so