Los Rebaño

obscurica 1298

There are no birds on Mars. At least, there isn't supposed to be any. It's preposterous -- even a small personal garden like that adorning the higher-up Jinteki exec's suites represent a potlatch fortune. Pets don't exist, unless you count synths (and, to be fair, that's pretty common now). Birds, which serve no ecological niche when half the planet's economy's still built around feeding genetically engineered bacterial stock into the soil, would be ludicrous.

There are no birds on Mars. So the gashes and the claw marks on that security guard -- they clearly have to come from some madman, some perverse runner's, signature kit. Like a ghastly calling card for their deeds. A grisly reminder that, for their total lack of residual evidence, everybody involved knows they're one step ahead of local security.

There are no birds here. But there is that one feather they leave behind on a successfully ransacked server. And that sense of inhuman eyes, a flock of witnesses even as authorities inspect the crime scene.

The Flock sees all, knows all, and especially knows a way to peel off your defenses. Dhegdheer with the bird-breakers is a neat little combo to defray their inherently high costs -- of which is made up for in a half-dozen ways.

Anything your breakers can't handle, Rubicon Switch can. Anything that Rubicon's too slow for -- well, for the Corp's sake, I hope they can keep Exploit from going off. Letting The Turning Wheel spin freely is a poor idea...

26 Jul 2017 moistloaf

Surely Keros is worth an include, you're already all in on derezzing

26 Jul 2017 obscurica

@moistloaf Was considering it. Not sure what I'd cut for it, though there are plenty of options. Also considering whether Muertos should be replaced by Councilman...