Surprise! You're Dead!

ScrappySPJ 344

This deck was put together very quickly for our casual Monday night event, as we won't get much longer with Dedicated Response Team before rotation. Some of the card choices are what I could find when I was looking for cards - possibly IPO could be included, and likely Colossus is better than Veritas but those were both in another deck.

Without much expectation this game won all three of its games, with two flatlines and one timed win where I had scored two copies of The Cleaners and wiped out most of my opponents cards*. A friend borrowed the decklist for a few Jinteki games afterwards and he won three out of four, with two more flatlines.

So maybe this deck is okay in a casual environment, and against unsuspecting opponents.

*I'll end with an anecdote from the Monday night. Round two I'm playing against Apex, who installed Heartbeat on turn one, and had a load of cards installed. I'm 3-0 up having scored The Cleaners.

Colin runs R&D. Declines to jack out after passing the last piece of ICE, and will access 3 cards. Simon rezzes Mr Stone, Dedicated Response Team, Dedicated Response Team, Dedicated Response Team. Colin steal High-Risk Investments. Colin accesses a card, nothing happens. Colin accesses Snare! Simon pays 4. Colin takes 3 net damage and gains a Tag. Colin takes 2 meat damage (Mr Stone). The run ends. Colin takes 3 damage from Dedicated Response Team. Colin takes 3 damage from Dedicated Response Team. Colin takes 3 damage from Dedicated Response Team. Next turn, Simon draws the other card Colin accessed. It's Punitive Counterstrike, which deals Colin 4 meat damage. Colin now has only Heartbeat in play and no cards in hand.

4 Sep 2017 zmb

I like it! Found it while building a similar deck for Argus Security: Protection Guaranteed. I played both yours and my own. It's tricky, especially with Aaron MarrĂ³n and to some extend Film Critic (mostly for Argus). Could you explain a bit about ICE positioning, mentionable combos etc? It's not cards I have played alot, and the first few games gave alot of do's n' dont's, but would appreciate a game plan of sorts :)

11 Sep 2017 zmb

On second thoughts, Gagarin Deep Space: Expanding the Horizon seems a bit un-synergistic to this kind of deck, as runner can reject to pay additional cost to access cards.

Eg. if i have rezzed Mr. Stone and Prisec on one server and Mr Stone unrezzed in another server. When the runner runs on Stone/Prisec server and i rez second Mr Stone he simply refuse to pay to access Prisec and run on the new Mr Stone :S

1 Oct 2017 ScrappySPJ

Prisec only goes on centrals for that reason.

With Aaron now banned and The Cleaners, DRT, and Punitive all coming back in Revised Core Set I might revisit this. Obviously FiHP is a loss, but you don't have to face runners with Temujin either.

1 Oct 2017 zmb

I made a deck much like this in Argus post rotation. Works great