"Onesies" Draft Cube for 6 players - Free Mars - Runner Side

Creaphis 130

I'm probably reinventing the wheel here, but I've got five friends who play Netrunner that I can coerce into drafting, so I made a "onesies" cube for six players. I can't give any guarantees about balance between the Runner and Corp cubes (since we haven't actually played it yet), and I made some arbitrary decisions about what play strategies to include. But, it should be fun. So, I'm publishing this here in case it's of any use to anyone.

Intended starter: 1x Force of Nature 1x Aurora 1x Pipeline 1x Sure Gamble 1x Armitage Codebusting

In keeping with the onesies theme, I've deviated from the Stimhack standard of 2 copies of Armitage Codebusting. Sure Gamble gives the Runner a quicker economic boost than Armitage, but the Corp economic starters have gotten a larger upgrade, which should hopefully keep balance problems in check.