"Onesies" Draft Cube for 6 players - Free Mars - Corp Side

Creaphis 130

I'm probably reinventing the wheel here, but I've got five friends who play Netrunner that I can coerce into drafting, so I made a "onesies" cube for six players. I can't give any guarantees about balance between the Runner and Corp cubes (since we haven't actually played it yet), and I made some arbitrary decisions about what play strategies to include. But, it should be fun. So, I'm publishing this here in case it's of any use to anyone.

Intended Starter: 3x Priority Requisition 3x Private Security Force 1x Hedge Fund 1x PAD Campaign

I'm switching from the standard Stimhack starter of 5x Priority Requisition for a few reasons. This agenda blend only requires one core set, it makes it less likely that a game will end with just two scored or stolen agendas, and it makes tags more threatening (because every Corp player can potentially punish them). Also, I'm upgrading the economic starter from 2x Private Contracts to 1x Hedge Fund and 1x PAD Campaign, as both of those cards are in Core and they create bigger tempo swings for the Corp.

30 Jul 2017 Akira.Mk3

So each person gets 40 cards...

And the deck they will make will be 30 cards? Will you guys pick the new draft IDs?

Also, how do you plan to draft it? Or whatever, as long as each person got like 40 cards you can have it your way?

31 Jul 2017 Creaphis

We'll stick with Fantasy Flight's rules for the drafting process and deckbuilding. I was thinking we'd just use the blank Runner and Corp IDs (Masque and Shadow) since none of us have paper copies of the faction draft IDs, but you can definitely use whatever you want in your own playgroup.

5 Aug 2017 Akira.Mk3

@CreaphisRight. I also think blank IDs works better.