Turbo Nasir

Crunchums 325

Nasir's strength is tempo: the money you get from ice lets you go fast. The fundamental idea of this build is to quickly set up RDI(s). You've got a finite amount of fuel and you're trying to convert it into the best accesses possible. In some matchups you might Clone Chip a Cache in order to go a bit faster; in others your Clone Chips are far too precious to expend on something so temporary.

Some notes on card choices:

Egret - Without Datasucker, Egret (and Parasite) are your only ways of handling non-Mimic-able sentries. Unlike Sharpshooter it can both stick around and let you do things like break Architect with Lady.

Mad Dash - Occasionally you can land one on a remote, but usually I just fire these on R&D and hope.

Film Critic - Obokata, TFP, Smartfabrics, NAPD, QPM, Midseasons, Hunter Seeker.

If you are interested in seeing the deck in action there are some videos on my twitch channel.

The 2017 Regionals label is because I finished 5th at CT regionals with this deck, but I would not actually recommend it if your goal is to do well in tournaments.

1 Aug 2017 CaKnuckleguy

Na'Not'K is a Mimic replacement for sure. It's 1c more to install, on any 2 iced server is officially equal to Mimic, and has 'oh **** I need to boost' backup. Plus it saves an inf!

1 Aug 2017 Crunchums

Not always being able to break Architect is a huge problem, the 1 extra cost is actually quite significant, and you usually don't need and often can't afford the strength boost. You could play Na'Not'K if you felt like it, but I wouldn't cut Mimic.

1 Aug 2017 CaKnuckleguy

As Naser, you'll always be able to break one of the two Architect subs (probably the R&D sift) even if all you have on the board is Na'Not'K and no other shenanigans. If that's your only threat, I think you're fine. Conversely, a faceplant into Colossus or Ichi is a nightmare for Mimic-only. Na'Not'K dodges both with Naser-bucks alone.

3 Aug 2017 codychilton13

Why not stealth? Isn't that just miles better than this?

3 Aug 2017 Crunchums

Smoke and Hayley do stealth better than Nasir.

3 Aug 2017 codychilton13

Then why play nasir? Lol, what about order of sol?

29 Aug 2017 harinezumi

Thanks for publishing this deck - I've had fun with it, but I'm still far from great at playing it. If you are still checking comments, I have a few questions. Are you slotting Bloo Moose now (and what is the cut for it)? Have you tried Chameleon instead of Mimic - freeing up 1 inf for Datasucker? Egret has been really strong for me in this deck - is going up to 2 too much?

How will Nasir (and this deck too) function, when Personal Workshop rotates? Just wondering if you have any great insights :)

Thanks again for a deck that is really fun to play.

29 Aug 2017 Crunchums

@harinezumi happy to hear it!

I dislike Moose because it's insultingly playable, but it would probably be a reasonable 1-2of if you had slots (probably drop an Armitage?).

Chameleon is fine (nice that it helps Lady & CyCy) but I wouldn't want it as my only Killer. I don't think Datasucker belongs here - it doesn't actually do that much, and you're already tight on memory. If you're looking to free up influence I would suggest dropping Parasite, which is only truly essential against PU (because of Kakugo); recently I have been playing Ice Carver instead.

Losing RDI would kill this deck, so I haven't given much thought to rotation.

20 Sep 2017 harinezumi

Well, this has been my go to deck the last month and a half. Moving into the post rotation world, I think, that I will try switching to HQ interfaces instead. If you find a way to keep Nasir alive, I hope you will share the outcome.