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Turns out a clickless restructure each turn is really good for Hayley Kaplan: Universal Scholar / everyone.

Ya know what makes both Aesop's Pawnshop and Levy AR Lab Access better? Turning one card a turn into a clickless 2c while thinning the heap

But wait, there's more! What if we could also draw a card for no clicks and then draw two more for no clicks when we run?

I built this deck on Codebusting and played it more on Day Job

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Before diving into the card choices it is important to talk about an interesting side effect of Bloo Moose. When you use it with Levy AR Lab Access you end up with a no dead draws Levy. When I reset the deck I have already RFGed every card I don't need, leaving my deck as all money and clone chips. That is exceptionally good and makes my late game more consistent and leaves my tempo less effected by Levy.


Inversificator is quickly becoming my favorite decoder in netrunner. Even when you aren't abusing it in Kit it is a boon to put problem code gates on a server you run infrequently. It is a well designed card with a strong benefit that you pay for. This deck has fairly predictable income so it is important to move those fairchilds and DNA trackers around so the corp never creates a scoring window.

Na'Not'K is exquisite though it does occasionally burn you. However, in the games where they only have one ice than the consolation prize for paying three to boost is that they only have one ice. Most servers against shaper end up with two ice which means this breaker starts at 3 which is the magic number for a lot of commonly played sentries. A lot of the decks that play larger sentries also play more ice on servers so it usually works out fine.

An interesting play here that I have done is to move all the vanillas and sentries to RD with Inversificator (by moving the code gates people love to put on RD) so that you get the strength boost for all of the sentries.

Paperclip is like log. Its better than bad its good!


Money is great so a net of 2c when you install Cache is good and then pawning it for 3c more and a draw with Reaver is great. When coupled with Clone Chip you can also pull breakers or Clot from your grip. Maybe you even drew the card you needed with Daredevil!

The ability to get Clot out at instant speed is one of the biggest advantages of the Shaper faction. Being able to pull it from hand is one of the best reasons to play Hayley Kaplan: Universal Scholar

Harbinger Is 2x Pawns and a Hayley trigger for 0c and a click. 6 credits, 2x draws and a piggy back install.

Misdirection is a good tech card for Hard Hitting News and midseasons. If you don't need it you can piggy back it onto another install and pawn it, then moose it.

Reaver turns every use of Aesop's Pawnshop, Self-modifying Code or Clone Chip into a free card draw. It also turns the final drip of Daily Casts into a card daw.

Protip: it also works when trashing corp cards.

Self-modifying Code is the name of the show and a really great card.


The world's worst pawn broker returns for another Shaper deck. Aesop's Pawnshop is the card that powers the whole deck. Three copies and never discard all of them against someone who could be playing MCA informant.

Beth Kilrain-Chang helps you catch up to the corp.

2x Bloo Moose turns Diesel, all duplicates and all unused tech cards into a clickless 2c. It also thins out your heap so that only money cards are left when you use Levy AR Lab Access. After the Levy you moose everything but Clot.

3x Daily Casts for the drip, pawn, reaver , etc.

Film Critic is your saving grace from Hunter Seeker, Midseasons, and miserable Jinteki Agendas.

Sacrificial Construct is a tech card for both FA (clot) and for Skorpios. If you don't need them, pawn them for 3c and a draw and then Moose em.

Same Old Thing saves Levy AR Lab Access and also has the same back up usage as Sac Con.


Clone Chip is the essence of Shaper fragrance that makes Hayley really sing. 2x and usually used for Clot and set up with Self-modifying Code. Occasionally used to recur money cards to pull cards from hand with Hayley Kaplan: Universal Scholar.

Daredevil is a good console but I think Hayley Kaplan: Universal Scholar makes it great. She can use those options that are drawn midrun in a way other runners cannot. In two games I was able to pull a key program out of the deck with Daredevil, then install it from hand via Hayley BS.

Plascrete Carapace keeps you from dying to Sync and then you can pawn if able and use it again after Levy.


3x Diesel is used for set up on the first pass and then Moosed away to keep the Levy lean and filled with credits.

Dirty Laundry is great the first time through and then Moosed away in a pinch for quick money.

Indexing is your primary win condition. You run rich and you have good breakers. Getting into RD multiple times should not be an issue.

Levy AR Lab Access Is like a kick in the teeth to the corp. Just when they think you have finally run out of steam, you reset and get all your burst money and pawn targets back.

Mad Dash is tremendous in this build especially if you can get an agenda on Film Critic and then pawn it for profit and Mad Dash it out of Archives.

Sure Gamble is money and if you are against rush its a total of 6 credits net with Moose. Against everyone else its 10 credits for two clicks.

So that is the deck. Give it a go. Its lean, mean, fun and interactive.

2 Aug 2017 CodeMarvelous

Possible swaps include Technical Writer for Dirty Laundry

2 Aug 2017 Grimwalker

about the rush matchup, could there be a slot for Careful Planning?

2 Aug 2017 CodeMarvelous

@Grimwalker that is a possibility but slots are so tight for such a conditional card

3 Aug 2017 seeds34

I love this deck, I've been playing around with something similar but it doesn’t have the balance you’ve got here (I was working too much from the old Pitchfork design). Cheers for sharing and demoing

3 Aug 2017 CodeMarvelous

@seeds34 Thanks for the support!

3 Aug 2017 Grimwalker

and I really want to know where that gif of Walter and Jesse being not Walter and Jesse is from...

3 Aug 2017 Grimwalker

hah, yeah I can google things...

4 Aug 2017 rwknoll

I have been trying to figure out a build I like with Aesop's and Bloo Moose, and this is a great take on it. Thanks for sharing!

5 Aug 2017 Grimwalker

This deck went 2-2 at Louisville Regional. Wins vs Skorpios/Sync, loss vs PU/Titan Transnational. I had the solution vs Titan, I just let Clot get Arked because I had a brain fart at the worst possible time.

Great fun!