Jinteki Force Of Evolution V11

cynchwyrm 17

This deck has been through many iterations and tweaks since before Honor & Profit. It is a pure kill plan, and it is very effective and efficient at it. Though I have never played it in a tourney, this deck has gone at least two full league sessions dropping only a single game each, and both were nail biters.

The strategy is to build board state with high-risk advanced cards in naked servers. Ice goes on centrals to discourage and slow down runs. R&D is very spiky and will harshly punish multi-access.

The primary kill tools are agendas, mainly Show of Force and Philotic, supported by Neural EMP. Overwriters, Junebug, Snare! and other damage help you get within kill range for your turn, or occasionally do the job by themselves.

Patience is key, and Mushin is an all-star in this deck for getting set up. Always keep 4 credits available for Snare, and don't tap yourself out rezzing ice. Clicking for credits is sometimes the right play, especially after paying for a Snare.

Ice is flexible, but I am enjoying this current mix. Kakugo could go to 3, but I am uncertain what I want to trade for it. Mausolus could become DNA Tracker if influence is wanted for some new tool.

Having polished, tweaked, and enjoyed this deck for so long, I finally decided it was worth sharing the list. Honor Jinteki and go punish those disrespectful runners!

3 Aug 2017 cynchwyrm

I also wanted to note that this version is already rotated. Until that happens, feel free to experiment with Ronin, Fetal AI, and Shock, among others. All have been successfully included at some point in time, but I wanted to see how it would survive and function without those original cycles.

30 Aug 2017 zafuri

Just wondering, what do you think of the Psychic Field + Fumiko combo kill suit in this deck ?

7 Sep 2017 cynchwyrm

It's something you could try. It doesn't fit in the general plan of high-risk advanced servers, but using Mushin on one of the cards could be a great deception. Charged traps that don't get run can get Back Channeled or serve as protection for Shell Corp, so there is that. I don't like relying on Psi games, so I'm not sold on Psychic Field in general, but your mileage may vary.