John Wick Jr (Louisville Cache Refresh 1st Place)

Vanadium 90

Based on John Wick, a local Skorpios rig shooter deck. Borrowed the Data Raven/Keegan idea from thesenorcortez.

Put up barriers, Hunter Seeker away their fracters. Put up Data Ravens, Keegan away their refractors. If possible, do this in front of a Tithonium to destroy their rig.

MCA Film Critic, Best Defense for Sacrificial Construct. Meteor Mining for money, it likely won't ever get a kill. Boom to scare people mostly or if they really screw up or go Tag Me. But I never used it all day, so it could probably go.

7 Aug 2017 teapot37

Note that Film Critic doesn't exist in the Cache Refresh environment.

7 Aug 2017 Vanadium

Oops, yeah. I used it on Aaron twice and Beth Kilrain once during the tournament.

8 Aug 2017 PowerBunz

I've tried so hard to make a similar idea work, glad to see other people have had more success with it. It's such a great idea. Congrats on the win.