I like turtles, I mean tags

tstack 923

Null is cool, Null is a zombie(or something), Null likes turtles, Null is usually not the optimal ID to build a deck out of, unless...your ID ability is worth 4 credits(thanks for having a terrible pump ratio God of War!)

This is your, at this point, pretty commonly seen tag me anarch using counter surveillance and Mars for Martians to take advantage of a ton of tags. God of war is your primary breaker early and mid game(GASP!), but Null and Dean Lister soften the credit blow quite a bit. Parasite annoying ice, land siphons, profit. Use conspiracy breakers as backup/late game breakers. Mercs is in there even without a ton of resources because in non meat damage matchups it still gives you a tag. Another Obelus or plascrete is probably a better choice if you are expecting a ton a bunch of people to come to your house and try to kill you.

Its a super fun deck, plus you get to play Null, and feel good about using his ability!