Salem Skorpios Sting

Handsome Jack 1586

A brainstormed deck that came to fruition during a chat with valranoth about how to make Ibrahim Salem work. At first that went poorly, with Agendas being difficult to score and Harischandra's ability, while synergistic, just wasn't cutting it. So we moved the shell into Skorpios: Persuasive Power and things got a whole lot more interesting. Ibrahim Salem creates pressure on the runner's grip while Hatchet Job and Hunter Seeker threaten the cards already on the playing field. Combined with the triviality of scoring a Standoff, Salem becomes an angel from hell in this deck.

Agendas: Easy to score/Minimized risk agendas. Oaktown tempts the runenr into making a mistake, while GFI and Hostile are your backbone. Standoff can trigger Salem and rez a Tithonium.

Assets: Ibrahim and Blacklist are your friends here. Elizabeth Mills is a meta call, but she's excellent at shutting down The Bloo Moose engine combined with Blacklist.

Operations: Money and sniper cards. Murder breakers with 3 methods: Hatchet, Salem(s), and Hunter Seeker.

ICE: Cheap barriers. You can drop 1 ICE Wall for a Tithonium, but with all this Rubicon bullshit floating around, I'd stick with cheap ICE.


Coming to theaters near you August 9th

9 Aug 2017 Valranoth

I still say -1 Elizabeth Mills, +1 Tithonium. Blacklist does enough to shut down Bloo Moose, with the added benefit of not rotating soon.

9 Aug 2017 Handsome Jack

@Valranoth probably but I really like her as a pet card. Another Tithonium is a good call but Elizabeth is fun so I'm keeping her.

9 Aug 2017 Johnny Polite

You have two influence - Maybe Wraparound instead of Battlements?

10 Aug 2017 gandrasch

Blacklist is such an anti combination.

10 Aug 2017 Handsome Jack

Actually it isn't @gandrasch. Cards are RFG'd before they can actually enter the heap, so it actually synergizes well when the runner tries to get around Skorp simply by discarding cards.

10 Aug 2017 gandrasch

So when I trash them I can remove them before the go to heap? Only tried on jinteki and it didn't allow me to. Damn.

10 Aug 2017 Valranoth

@gandrasch: It's a limitation of

@Handsome Jack: @Johnny Polite pointed out the 2 extra influence. I'd suggest Archived Memories, get your Hunter Seeker and Salem's Hospitality back. I'd also be nice to find some space for Best Defense to kill Sacrificial Construct.