A Skorpios Story 4 - The 4 agenda foxtrot

PowerBunz 479

My name is PowerBunz and I love Skorpios. I've built more Skorpios decks than any other ID and It's time to share my enthusiasm and joy for the murderous and oppressive. Not all these decks will be good, not all of them will have actually been sleeved up and played; they together tell a story of learning, improvement, and, most importantly, huge remove-from-game piles.

Oh man I am really not learning my own lessons, am I? But wait a second... What is this? Cheap EtR ICE? Multiple economy sources? Almost ok amounts of ICE? This almost looks like a real deck. Thank goodness I ruined it with bad ice, not enough crutches, and the best agenda.

This decklist shows a transition between terrible wishful thinking and almost real deck design, but still heavily weighted towards the terrible wishful thinking. Since I write most of my decks either in bed or on the throne, they're usually quick, poorly thought out and single-minded. While I can't guarantee that this deck had any more time put into it, it definitely looks like it has a few good options for actually winning maybe. Once only a single agenda has left R&D, the runner has just as good a chance of hitting a Snare! or Sapper than stealing an agenda. If they do luck out, they face punishment and retribution.

This list was probably made after I'd played with the TD set but before I'd played the campaign. This is evident though the presence of Hortum, Hailstorm and GRNDL Refinery, the lack of Hunter Seeker, and the double Bryan Stinson. That makes it fairly easy to place on my timeline of bad ideas. That also means that I had even less idea of how to actually play well at all with any archetype other than rush murder Weyland than I do now. These days I can probably manage one or two of the other factions. Back then, in the ancient dark age of May 2017, this was as close to variety in my deck making as I could manage.

Unsurprisingly, most of the wins this deck had were thanks to people forgetting SEA Source is a card and Consulting Visit is good. There's a lot of room for improvement. The first idea would be to not play the best agenda. Removing all this terrible ICE might also be decent, but hey, pobody's nerfect. Learnings are occurring, and that's valuable, even if they're taking place in a bad deck.

11 Aug 2017 Foxtrott

Like for the deck name xD

11 Aug 2017 Krams

"Almost ok amounts of ICE?"
Hey, everything above the 1/3 mark qualifies as glacier level! :D
There aren't even 0 strength gearchecks in it. Nowadays that almost counts as turtling up ;)

I'm really enjoying your series. I hope you keep it up :)

11 Aug 2017 PowerBunz

@Foxtrott Stylish name you've got there.

@KramsThanks! I'm glad to know someone apart from my mum is reading these.

11 Aug 2017 philwills

I'm thoroughly enjoying this series, it very much reflects my experience of overly optimistic deck building. To me, explaining exactly why a deck is bad is just as entertaining and enlightening as explaining why one performs well.

12 Aug 2017 PowerBunz

@philwills Glad you like it. I agree with you, everyone knows how good Moons or Fiery Inferno is, and why. It's much more interesting to look at why something doesn't even begin to function, then work from there.