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dkavaichan 46

The cutest jank. It's legal with every iden there is. No. Literally. EVERY iden.

The look on people's faces when you are at 100+ credits is also priceless too. Or let them choose what you will play. Either way. Plenty of lulz.

11 Aug 2017 Shatenjager

This is definitely the winner for worst looking deck that is actually amazing. Also, you're running tribunals? I guess I've been getting lucky on that front.

12 Aug 2017 triorph

looks illegal in Grindl: Power Unleashed :P

12 Aug 2017 dkavaichan

Its legal in Grndl. influence is used on Weyland itself. 6 influence of other stuff.

12 Aug 2017 triorph

oh of course! haha

13 Aug 2017 Jure

Just played against this deck on Jnet. Was fun, that Sandburg game is strong.

13 Aug 2017 bourgman

So what's the ideal ID for this decklist?

13 Aug 2017 dkavaichan

Jinteki Palana, Weyland classic, HB classic, NBN NEH