Money is Power! 2.0

zmb 97

Game plan: 1. Ice up 2. Get rich 3a. Use Bryan Stinson to get even richer! 3b. If runner suspects Bryan Stinson use Reversed Accounts to depleat his ressources 4. Use Tech Startup to find your Sandburg 5. Profit!

If runner tries to run, rez Sandburg. Else proceed building up ice, getting money and start buliding a scoring remote for your Oaktown Renovation.

Also ASAP get your Off the Grid up, so you only need to ICE up HQ agressively.

If you suspect Sneakdoor Beta ice Archives as well.

Once you got the Oaktown Renovation up, you can either keep it there to get insanely rich and make your ice even stronger, or score it and start advancing your other expensive agendas in peace and quiet.

Try it out, it's fun to set up, and even funnier to see the runners face when you rez the mountain of sand :D

Improvements: I am trying to fit in some more Off the Grid's and a Metamorph for the ultimate jank: Move Off the grid on HQ to make entry impossible :D