Anything for a Buck v486.1378

Thike 1193

Went undefeated in a small GNK.

I've been playing Faust Gabe for a long time, in many forms. It's pretty much my comfort blanket of a deck these days. While this version is based off of other people's versions, it's the same core idea. A lot of the one-ofs were experiments, trying new cards and seeing how they fit.

A couple of notes:

-Bloo Moose: Even though it conflicts with going tag-me and Levying for cards, it's too good not to include. You do have to be careful about what you feed to it, but the income is huge. And this + Drug Dealer feels great.

-Maxwell James vs Emergency Shutdown: This was an experiment, and I still haven't come to a conclusion. MJ feels great when he works, but the remote-only clause is a big deal.

-Leave No Trace: I love the card in theory, but I still haven't come across a situation in which it's useful. It's just easier to play around, or conflicts with other run events when you want to use it. Probably should be Inside Job.