Pour One Out (Cold Ones Variant)

rubyvr00m 802

You like combos right?

This list is extremely similar to the deck that won Nationals this year at ETX, but rather than using Equivocation as a win condition it leans on DLR. While this version will get less total accesses, it does have a few advantages:

No need for Apocalypse or Exploit, freeing up influence for DLR, Josh B and Hades.

Doesn't die to Snare! and Shock in R&D.

Hunting Grounds saves you from Komainu.

Slightly more flexible combo, allows for you to go off on 2 Hyperdrivers pretty easily.

Added draw power raises the speed of the deck.

For the uninitiated, you're basically playing solitaire. Try to get Bookmark on your NVRAM or in your opening hand. NVRAM is also a great place to stash silver bullets you don't need. Dump the NACH if it's not NBN, dump the Hunting Grounds if it's not Jinteki, etc.

Draw hard and host everything on Bookmark. The only things that are critical installs are the Leprechaun, the Hyperdrivers and Faust. Most of the tech cards like Councilman, Dean, and Hunting Grounds are just gravy and you don't really want to be installing them until the corp pressures you to do so.

When you're ready to go off, typically when the corp threatens match point, pop all your Hyperdrivers, and either Out of the Ashes or straight up run archives to install Hades. Then hit R&D and HQ, possibly playing Interdiction beforehand if you're worried about upgrades or unrezzed remotes.

Drop Akshara and get the click back, then Encore x3, Notoriety, DLR, Josh B. and Paparazzi if you need the tag (though you can often pick one up by letting a tagging sub fire during the central runs). Now you have 3 incoming 6 click turns plus any amount of clicks you had left over from the Hyperdrivers. Proceed to mill the corp that many times and pop Hades Shard.

The only match up I've run into that's really a problem is Bio-Ethics prison because it pings too many important cards over the course of the game. Pre-rezzed Caprice on a central also spells disaster, but in practice, I think most of my opponents who realized this just assumed I had Rumor Mill and tried to rush out rather than shoring up centrals. Interdiction and Councilman will cover you on anything that's left un-rezzed.