New Rota

Pinkwarrior 2278

Built as a post rotation deck the deck really holds it's own and has been winning games against non rotation decks.

Medium cos it's really the only good multi-access for R&D after rotation and is still good now and is a great way to leverage that free MU sunny has. Also as a runner with 2+ link you can happily run through Macrophage which is usually Medium's biggest enemy.

Peace in Our Time great money for setting up sunny's biggest floor imo is getting that money flowing you need alot of setup cash and PiOT really helps get things moving.

Sports Hopper & Earthrise Hotel Inf free draw that all deck require sports doubles up as Plascrete Carapace.

Film Critic cos i seem to play against alot of jinteki and with the rise of weyland FC seems like a must atm.

Rumor Mill & Account Siphon with plenty of spare inf these cards will not only surprize your opponent but make a huge impact when they hit and Same Old Thing's will keep the threat up.

Interdiction cos i don't have inf for 2 Rumor Mill's but i find interdiction can do the job and even just having one in the bin can make a corp just show you where the agendas are which is always valuable.

Jak Sinclair possibly the only card i feel can be cut he's normaly been a staple in my sunny deck's but without Datasucker/The Turning Wheel/ Data Leak Reversal he's just not been pulling his wieght.