Damage Factory

ntahfs 423

The Damage Factory Combo Deck

I was wondering how much damage I could inflict on myself in a single turn and still be able to trigger multiple Salvaged Vanadis Armory. So this is the best I could come up with for a reliable combo.

The idea is to use Heartbeat to trash Tri-maf Contact to triple damage rather than prevent it.

It's quite tedious to test on Jinteki.net because it is bugged out on some key cards. But, basically it will go like this:

  1. Draw draw draw! Draw as much as possible using Wyldside, Duggar's, I've Had Worse, and Build Script.
  2. In most cases you will go through most of your stack, but you only need to get the following cards installed to start the combo:

    Note: You don't need to hold on to anything except The Noble Path. Everything else should be installed ASAP. It may take some time to get enough to install a big Bug Out Bag so you may also need to hold it for a bit, but nothing else needs to be held.

  3. Use some combination of counters from Trope and cards left in the stack to ensure the below cards get in the stack. Then use The Noble Path to trigger Bug Out Bag. The cards you need to have in the stack must include:

    The goal will be to have at least 33 cards in the stack for the combo turn (including those above). Bug Out Bag will need to be big enough to draw most, if not all of them. You can try to rely on I've Had Worse to draw during the combo by targeting it for damage, if necessary. But, it's better to just draw as many as possible with Bug Out Bag. You will only need 7 credits for the combo after that.

  4. The combo turn!

    1. Titanium Ribs gets installed first so that you can choose where you take damage. Prevent the 2 damage with Heartbeat by trashing Tri-maf Contact in order to suffer 6 damage instead. (3 clicks remain; 6 damage suffered)
    2. Use 3x Amped Up to gain 9 clicks and take 3 damage. (9 clicks remain; 9 damage suffered)
    3. Install 3x Respirocytes with Bazaar to save clicks. Prevent 1 of the 3 damage with Heartbeat by trashing Tri-maf Contact in order to suffer a total of 5 damage instead of 3. (8 clicks remain; 14 damage suffered)
    4. Uninstall Titanium Ribs and re-install for 2 more damage. (6 clicks remain; 16 damage suffered)
    5. Trash Salvaged Vanadis Armory to mill 16 cards. Install the second Salvaged Vanadis Armory. (5 clicks remain; 16 damage suffered)
    6. Uninstall Titanium Ribs and re-install for 2 more damage. (3 clicks remain; 18 damage suffered)
    7. Trash the second Salvaged Vanadis Armory to mill 18 more cards. Install the third Salvaged Vanadis Armory. (2 clicks remain; 18 damage suffered)
    8. Uninstall Titanium Ribs and re-install for 2 more damage. (0 clicks remain; 20 damage suffered)
    9. Trash the third Salvaged Vanadis Armory to mill 20 more cards.

That's it! You just milled over 50 cards from the top of R&D in a single turn, and you only had to run once (for The Noble Path).

You could potentially get this even higher with Déjà Vu into a fourth and fifth Salvaged Vanadis Armory instead of uninstalling the ribs, I think. But this should be sufficient to end just about any game.

What do you think? Try it out at a jank tournament or something. Unfortunately Jinteki.net has not implemented a number of the cards in combination correctly, so it doesn't play well there yet. Good luck, and have fun!

27 Aug 2017 Reion

When do you use Noble Path? The combo turn? If so, doesn't that take a click during that turn as well?

27 Aug 2017 Reion

Nevermind I totally botched up my understanding. Ignore that comment

27 Aug 2017 ntahfs

No problem, @Reion. It's used the turn before in order to trigger bug out bag. (It looks like you probably figured that out.) Sorry if my explanation was not clear. I can delete the comments if you want. :)

(Also, this is just a crazy amount of mill which you will probably never need. A more reasonable combo can be pulled off for much less effort using this same template. For example, just trash 2 of the tri-mafs, then use amped up and respirocytes to get to 10, 11, and 12 damage mills for the 3 vanadis respectively for a total of 33 cards milled. That way you don't need to soak up 20 damage, only 12.)

27 Aug 2017 Reion

I will live with my misunderstandings x)

I don't know how worth it it is, but would setting up a Dadiana Chacon be worth it? Especially since it helps keep you around 7 creds.

27 Aug 2017 ntahfs

@Reion maybe. You would still have to get to 0 credits on the combo turn, though. It only triggers at 0 credits, not just on trash like trimaf.

28 Aug 2017 IonFox

Hiya! I was the Jemison on jinteki, and its nice to see this writeup. I hope that you can continue tweaking it and turn it into a real rogue meta monster, as this seems like a really innovative list.

A personal thought of mine: If you don't mind rotation you could drop wyldsides for a pair of Quality Times and then replace the chronotypes for something else (not sure what yet, perhaps Daily Casts if you need money or Earthrise Hotel if you need EVEN MORE DRAW), since speed may still be an issue.

Have an updoot ^w^

28 Aug 2017 ntahfs

Thanks @IonFox! I only had to mill 20-something cards from your deck so I didn't have to use the full combo, but it was still pretty late in the game. I think I ended up firing the combo on turn 12 and you were only one turn away from winning!

I agree that it ideally it needs to be faster. In that particular case, I was nervous about not having enough counters on the tropes so I was waiting until the last possible moment.

As far as rotation, I've only been playing for about the past year so I never bought the first two cycles (in anticipation of rotation)

The speed of the deck is a hard thing to enhance since the faster you draw the more trope counters you will need to dump more cards back in to use on the bug out bag. Maybe there's a way to use levy.

The combo can work in just a handful of turns if you get the right draw. I've gotten the combo off on turn 8 before, and I think it could be faster in the right situation. Unfortunately, most times I'm still looking for at least one piece of the combo in the last few cards.

Anyway, thanks for the game, I enjoyed it. And, thanks for the like!

29 Aug 2017 mowgli1022

@ntahfs This is awesome! Exactly the kind of janky deck I like piloting. Couple of questions for you:

  1. What are you doing for credits? The breakdown of the combo is very helpful, and I believe I'm following, but how are you getting the money to install all your pieces? Clicking for credits? Or getting a couple tri-mafs down and then clicking for credits there? That seems to be the one piece I'm worried about/not following.

  2. Have you thought about a Hades Shard to easily go after all of the cards you've milled?

  3. Any use for/space for Clan Vengeance at all?

Thanks again for the deck!

29 Aug 2017 ntahfs

@mowgli1022 thanks! If you run this in Jinteki.net, I recommend resolving your damage turn manually. Titanium ribs screws up a bunch of cards including Vanadis so you just have to ask the corp to mill however many cards manually (they can /draw 50 and discard).

I have an improved version I'm testing now which feels reliably faster and easier to pull off using Independent Thinking instead of Heartbeat. I'll post the list soon.

For credits in this version it's mostly trimaf with a little sure gamble and build script. The actual combo pieces are very inexpensive (mostly 0 or 1 cost). The only significant cost is the bug out bag which generally needs about 20-ish credits to draw enough to soak up damage and have all the combo pieces.

A lot of times I never even make a single run. The vanadis kills the corp in a single turn unless they have a Jackson on the table. Hades wouldn't be necessary, but maybe as a backup plan it could be useful, I guess.

Clan vengeance might be moderately useful if you are going to try to accelerate with amped up during your setup turns, but other than that you will not need to make the corp discard. They will just lose immediately following your combo turn because they will be decked (unless they have Jackson installed).

I am really liking my new version I am testing now. I took @Reion's suggestion and added in Dadiana Chacon, bumped up to 3 bug out bags, and traded heartbeat for 3 independent thinking. It's working out quite well (100% win rate so far). I'll post the full list soon.