Deep dig MaxX (non-official nationals 7th place)

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This deck recently entered a pretty large Summer Japan tournament and came 7th. Though this was not the official nationals, it was quite big, and there were a few exceptions of people flying in from Korea. My dad has already published this deck, since I am only 12, but I have made a few improvements and this post will detail how to play this deck. ==> Mulligans

The most important thing about this deck is getting both money and medium quickly. You also might want an earthrise to help you with your draw. A Maw also might give you a nice start of being able to dig into R&D quite quickly, as well as trashing cards from HQ. If you do not have any of these cards (most likely you want 2 or 3), you should almost definitely mulligan.

  • Temujin Contract
  • Earthrise
  • Maw
  • Medium
  • Liberated Account

  • Daily casts

  • Scrubber

  • New Angeles City Hall

  • Bloo Moose
  • Data sucker
  • Rebirth

  • Black Orchestra

  • MK Ultra
  • Paperclip

    One of each of the first five would be the almost perfect start, though having daily casts and scrubber is also arguable, each giving you a large money boost. Cards that would also be quite useful to start with would be the cards on list three. The cards you do not want are on list four (all breakers). This is a general guide to when to mulligan.

==> Deck statistics

I am sure that this is what everyone wants to know, how many times has this deck won? Below are some general stats to how itself did.

Tournament shops (17 players) (3rd)

  • Round 1 (opponent came 5th) ( CTM asset spam) win
  • Round 2 (opponent came 1st) ( Railgun) Win
  • Round 3 (opponent came 9th) (nothing special) Loss
  • Round 4 (opponent came 7th) (nothing special) Win
  • Round 5 (opponent came 6th) (nothing special) Win

Nationals: (unofficial) (34 players) (came 7th)

Win (nothing special)

Win (nothing special)

Win (nothing special)

Loss (Railgun)

Time Loss (Door to door)

Jinteki: (20 games)

Win: 85%

Loss: 15%


Won game in 4 turns

Milled corp in 6 turns

Never let the corp have a card since 4th turn:

Never let the corp have a single card in archives at the beginning of their turn

==> Tips and gameplay

Below are some basic gameplay description, of the first round in tournament nationals. I will be showing my thinking as well, which will replace ⇒ tips and tricks. Anyhow, just read.

Round 1 (against my dad ;) )

Start hand: Medium, Temujin Contract, Daily casts, Maw

Corp started with: -- means ice

              -----                   ----------------------

Archives HQ R&D Remote one (1)

My turn:

Hmmm, my main server is wide open(R&D), but if I install my Medium, I will be low on credits. However, I do have a Temujin!

MAxX: Trash: paperclip, daily casts, Draw: Maw

Click 1: Temujin (R&D) 1 credit left

Click 2: Run (R&D)

Access: Vitruvius (YAY!!!) 5 credits

Click 3: Instal Medium 2 credits Click 4: Run R&D: Access: MCA Austerity Policy (Don’t trash)

Dad’s turn:

Click one: Install ice on R&D

Click 2&3: Double advance card in server one.

My turn:

MaxX: Trash: MK Ultra, Black Orchestra, Drew: Rebirth

Click 1: Rebirth into Omar

Click 2: Use Omar to run archives to R&D

Access: ABT, Global food initiative

Click 3: Draw

Click 4: Run R&D (Rezzed Vanilla) might as well save creds. (jack out)

Dad’s turn:

Click one: Beanstalk Royalties

Click 2: Advance card, score ABT (fire ability) (trashed three cards)

Click 3: install new card (sever one

My turn:

Click 1: Run archives (Dad Jacksoned three cards)

Click 2: Run archives (Omar) Access: Vitruvius


If you have any recommendations, please feel free to comment and I will reply. Love and favourite! See ya around

JKunkarp muffin

30 Aug 2017 Dazzler

Owh so you are the young one ? Congrats on the standings. Nice to see netrunner on new generations.

30 Aug 2017 jkunkarpmuffin


30 Aug 2017 jkunkarpmuffin

Thx a lot.

31 Aug 2017 Murse

12 years old? That's awesome man. I'm sure it can be a bit intimidating when most of the playes are at least twice as old as you. Keep it up man!

31 Aug 2017 rojazu


1 Sep 2017 Dkarpoj

Good write up, son. And nice to see famous players from the original Tokyo scene (to Kazu) take notice! But, next time ask me before you use social media...

1 Sep 2017 PureFlight

@jkunkarpmuffin``@DkarpojOhhhhhhhhh you got in trouble!! :-p

Fantastic job, man! Keep posting decks (with your parents' permission).