Mantriel 9

Deck seen on Self-modifying Code: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jnCNfi1o78s

Created by Code Marvelous

1 Sep 2017 CodeMarvelous

Hey, I appreciate that you like the deck and watched the stream. Thank you for fully crediting me. However, you may not realize that by doing this I cannot publish this list myself as NRDB does not allow identical decks to be published.

I was working on a write up for this list, for future reference always check the show notes on YouTube as I placed the view link there so people could see the deck before it was published.

Thank you for watching!

1 Sep 2017 Mantriel

You can publish it, you made one edit (adding the Bloo Mooses).

1 Sep 2017 aero

Way to go nice guy Dan. I probably would have been like "Hey don't publish other peoples' decks just to get spotlight, it's douchey."