Saboteur Steve

obscurica 1302

Honestly, is there anything more painful than to be asked if you'd rather let the runner have Account Siphon or Mining Accident? Granted, if the runner's already casting Mining Accidents from hand, it's already pretty miserable, even if it takes itself out of the game -- but when you're dealing net or meat damage to them, thinking it'll deprive them of answers, and find that you're only making it easier for them to starve you...

Well, shit. Was it worth the effort?

Bloo Moose probably gets less fuel for its fire in this deck than many others -- heck, triple Same Old Thing means even Steve's ability is a secondary-order effect, ideally. But that's not necessarily a bad thing: you're never lacking for heap-oriented action, so there's really no such thing as a dead card at any point in the game.

The really lovely thing here, though, are the multilayered redundancies. Mining Accident is both an Account Siphon alternative that works out of Archives and econ fuel via Bad Publicity. There are two of every breaker type except for Fracters, but Paperclip renews itself, and Aumakua slides in neatly if you get Skorpiosed. The simple act of accessing and interacting is hard to prevent -- and even in cases where circumstances have prevented the runner from either trashing or stealing, you still profit off the information thanks to successful-access effects (Temüjin Contract and Desperado), and interaction-agnostic run effects (Aeneas Informant and Aumakua).

Any breakers you don't need, well. Food for the Moose.

All you gotta do is make sure not to take lethal to the face. Or lose the tempo against Fast Advance.