Celebrity Surprise!

LeonardQuirm 968

A Jinteki deck that I've been playing for a bit. It tends to do brilliantly against careless runners and terribly against careful ones.

There's next to no Ice in here - the aim is to keep the runner nervous. What there is is aimed at either an early game rush (Barrier/Chimera to score a quick Agenda while the runner is setting up) or mind games - always advance whatever the Matrix Analyser is protecting if you can.

Since there's no ice, the runner is essentially free to get as much money as they want. It won't buy them more cards!

This deck is built with all cards up to (and including) Opening Moves but only one Core. With a second Core and Second Thoughts, I plan to swap out the PADs (which are usually ineffectual) and Niseis (too hard to score for no real benefit) for a third Melange (which is a useful card for 6 creds in one turn, more often than not) and three Clone Retirements.