Theareteslayer AgInfusion

gejben 468

Thearete: Hey, Gebjen I got this sweet Leela deck with FiS that I keep winning with. It's really good.

Gejben: Why the hell are you playing Leela and not Andy? You'll never win against Moons with your stupid Leela-deck.

Thearete: Wanna bet? Play me!

3 games later after crushing his dreams

Thearete: :sob: :sob: :sob:

Gejben: I told you, didn't I?

A couple of days later.

Thearete: Hey Gejben, Leela with fisk was really good in Singapore.

Gejben: sigh If I didn't know better I'd think you were asking for another grudge match.

Thearete: AgInfusion vs Leela?

Gejben: Why Would I play AgInfusion when I could play Moon?

Thearete: Haha, coward. You don't think you can win with anything else?

Gejben: (lol irl) Ok let's do this AgInfusion vs Leela.


Thanks Beyoken for streaming <3

All credit to the deck goes to @eric_c I just changed a few cards around and played it like a god.

6 Sep 2017 Dazzler

This writing is making me giggle all the way @gejben. Ha ha ha ... @thearete Please take revenge on on @gejben I want to see another match !!!

6 Sep 2017 mcbeast

It was a horrible slaughter, horrible horrible horrible, such horrible thing.

6 Sep 2017 spags

Loved seeing the slaughter and shittalk. I think you took the lesser build of this, but congrats regardless. XD

6 Sep 2017 gejben

@spags: It's ok, I like you anway ;-P

I do like the fast track in your list and would love to fit it. I prefer this agenda suite though but ultimately I just haven't played much AgIn lately so just tweaked the one I had (Erics) and played that without giving it a lot of thought.

I did change a vanilla to the bako based on your problem with inversificator though x)

6 Sep 2017 gejben

@Dazzler glad you enjoyed it, I'm up for kicking Thearetes ass any day ;-)

13 Sep 2017 Burdle.Jai

@Thearete I'm so sorry for getting walked over like that in that cafe and making it seem like you had a fighting chance ;)