The Resourceful Oracle's Apartment

ntahfs 423

The Resourceful Oracle's Apartment

This is a variation on the good old Hammer Party deck, which I loved! So I updated it with some of the strong resources that have come out in the recent months. I also removed the cards that will rotate out soon (like Underworld Contact) and found reasonable replacements for most of them.

The basic weaknesses of this deck are:

  • Lack of tutors
  • Lack of recursion
  • Inefficient breakers

And, the basic strengths are:

  • Excellent card draw
  • Excellent drip economy

As with the original, the idea is to get down Oracle May and Off-Campus Apartment as early as possible. Then name Resource every turn to gain 2 credits and a card for a click, install connections on the apartment to gain additional draw.

With the additions of strong cards like Dummy Box (you will ALWAYS have a resource in hand) and Bloo Moose (lack of recursion is good for the moose), it makes this archetype a little stronger.

And there are some new attempts at silver bullets that I've included in this build.

Some tips for piloting:

  • Hold your Councilman and Political Operative only for those things you can't otherwise deal with (such as blacklist or sandburg). These are not convenience cards. They are a limited resource (no pun intended).

  • Don't be afraid to throw out cards that won't have an impact. They become bloo food.

  • Hold on to the The Source until you have Film Critic or until your opponent is on game point. You don't have to stop every agenda, and you definitely want it to be there late game, if at all possible.

  • Early game will be weak due to the lack of tutors and lack of burst economy. But, you can get set up with a hard lock mid or late game where you are seeing every card your opponent draws (practically) and forcing them to advance every agenda an extra time.

I really loved the original Hammer Party, and I hope you enjoy this variation as much as I do!