Jammy Palana

Nick! 144

This deck has cheap, yet taxing ice with a lot of money to go with the money gained from the ID ability. Jeeves is the usual MVP here, but typical Jinteki strategies of using Caprice and Nisei tokens are viable here, as usual. With Sandburg, best case...it does Sandburg things. Worst case, it’s an expensive must trash that can be brought back with FIHP and Crick (on archives). Mumbad Virtual Tour serves the same purpose. Scarcity always seems to be in the opening hand. (In one game my opponent trashed Scarcity. I shuffled it back with Jackson and on my turn I drew three times, all three draws were scarcity, and I used the Jeeves click to play it =D My poor opponent.)

My favorite thing about this deck is being able to never advance Nisei MKs and Improved Protein, assuming Jeeves is out of course. I’ve found the deck to be quite good, just be sure not to leave open remotes; doing so tends to give the runner the opening to catch up on economy.

Only 8 agendas ain’t bad either...

[Possible Includes] GFI - I would need to free up some influence Fast Track - Can enable Jeeves and find those hidden agendas Subliminal Messaging - Enable Jeeves and more money is always good Macrophage - Good against viruses, but Caprice can go on R&D if needed