Family Plan

x3r0h0ur 8692

This is a little deck I've been playing with for a while, I wanted to publish it before it rotates (RIP voicepad). It has lots of fun draw, comet, and giant breakers that break most things out of the gate, and if properly and fully set up, yields 9 strength breakers of each type, and an AI to cope with excalibur.

While super fun, it is fairly competitive, only having a bad MU vs moons, which you can still win with giant DDM spam.

Quickly get down Voice Pad and laguna, draw all the operations, which will draw you all the cards and give you all the money. Balance between breaking with Faust and the real breakers to keep money up nice and high, levy with impunity. Also, don't lose your same old thing.

One last pass for the wunderkind!

7 Sep 2017 Cpt_nice

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