[rotation proof]DLR is dead long live Fisk

Vorazsk 28

I might come back edit for better description later but (i d like credit for the build if it become popular)

So it s pretty simple with the retirement of Mr Jackson you gonna flood them into their flood -FLOODCEPTION-

Deck surely need tweaking it could be great if @Codemarvelous or @MetropoleGrid could take a look at it

extra bonus point if you land a siphon and you find unprotected/cheap r&d run and start lock with system outage+equivocation/fisk

I stop for now & sry not native engrish speaker here


edits: more mony less problem and laramy triger on all centrals + polyhistor do not work with sneakdoor and beacause flood is real archives get protected anyway so -1 daily cast -2 sneakdoor beta +3 bloo moose

8 Sep 2017 Sanjay

This deck has a lot of silly stuff that I've been hoping to try out. Thank you for posting it. I'll let you know if/when I take it for a spin.

8 Sep 2017 Vorazsk

could have think of you Sanjay in my comment :p this works in casual and even in casual spam asset enjoy it more than he is annoyed :sadface:

but when everything goes right it s fun to play :D

8 Sep 2017 djkokakola

If you want Andrej to see this, it's @amavric, not MetropoleGrid.

8 Sep 2017 Sanjay

I don't have a lot of faith in the "let's load up the corp with cards and overload them with cards and/or Info Sifting them" archetype in general, but it got new toys with System Outage and Polyhistor since I last tried is and that's pretty cool.

8 Sep 2017 analogBrad

I think Fisk is going to be much better while Jackson is AWOL. Definitely worth the look. Could you comment on how System Outage works? Is it just for the current battle with a little boost from the ID + Polyhistor + Seminar? OR does it really start to cost the corp?

9 Sep 2017 Vorazsk

at first i was disapointed because it is from each "draws" meaning seminar count as 1 but as mentioned when you land a good siphon you can credit denial with ID + equivocation (equi is the real mvp with outage)

things to consider is cost of encoutering ice while doing this i think eli 1.0 will not be a problem in post rotation but news hound is

polyhistor is bonus it makes YOU & corp draw 1 (as i write this i think desperado is much more interesting in scenarii like vanilla on r&d and you re going for equi+out )