Accidental Siphon - Aldershot GNK 9/9/17

Quarg 252

Round 0: I got the bye first round because of an odd number of people, though I did get to see MaxX have an impressively sad game vs Skorp, where they lost both siphons and all three God of War...

Round 1: vs Skorp; Two Mining Accidents turn one got me immediately to 3 bad pub, Lost a Black Orchestra after nabbing an early agenda from behind a Hortum, and spent half the game digging for the second one while keyholing the corp. Hostile Takeovers made Itinterant Protesters funny, as it got the corp to 0 hand size; eventually I found the last Black Orchestra, which at game point, meant I'd basically won.

Round 2: vs Skorp; I was able to keep the corp fairly low all game with the siphons, dispite an Archer on HQ, and Keyhole got me to 6 points fairly quickly, at which point I could sit back and relax with my full breaker suite on the table, and the Blackmail still in hand... particularly since R&D then had a 8 advanced Hadrians Wall... though that might have been the root cause of their money problems now I think about it.

Round 3: vs PU; They opened with an ice on HQ, and a single unprotected card. My opening hand was Siphon, Mining Accident, Paperclip, Deja-Vu, and something else, so after a moments thought, I went for it:

  • 1: Siphon, bouncing off the Kakugo I correctly predicted.
  • 2: run the unprotected R&D, seeing Ark Lockdown.
  • 3: Mining Accident for a safe bad-pub.
  • 4: Deja-Vu for the Account Siphon before they can lock it down.

After that, I drew up and clicked for credits so I could drop the Paperclip from hand and Siphon them, after which Keyhole and Eater fairly promptly showed up, getting me to 4 points with a House of Knives from a checked remote, and a Future Perfect dumped in the bin, after which Keyhole didn't turn up any agendas.

After a botched Siphon run, I accessed an Obokata from HQ with only 3 cards in hand, but I got to follow up with an Itinerant Protesters to get them to 1 hand size, leaving them with no-where to hide the hand full of agendas they apparently drew into.

Recommended Changes:

  • -1x Account Siphon
  • -3x Dirty Laundry
  • +2x Planned Assault
  • +2x Day Job
  • Somehow make room for a 1x Mad Dash?

Post rotation, I have no idea what you do with this deck, as losing Keyhole means Eater is way less valuable, and losing the Blackmail... probably won't make much difference with this version of the deck, but with the suggested changes, it's a notable loss.

15 Sep 2017 konradh

Decklists like this are the reason Im so happy abour new Core Set and rotation.

15 Sep 2017 Quarg

Honestly I agree; I built this initially with the intention of making Mining Accident and Itinerant Protesters work (which I kinda did), but Account Siphon naturally stole the show.