Austerity Warroids - Aldershot GNK 9/9/17

Quarg 252

Round 0: I got the bye first round, but I got to spectate games, and I got to complete my set of Bank Jobs for the Altershot "I'm sorry you have the bye" prize.

Round 1: vs Swifie's Andromeda; Opened up with triple ice to deny Temujin; Architect and Jackson save an ABT off the top of R&D, as they do, MCA gave me a Food as my first agenda, from there I scored one 3/2 out of the now vacated remote, and the last one with a Biotic from hand, after they finally get their DLR rig running.

Round 2: vs Alex Borrill's Edward Kim; A costly early Vitruvius score left R&D undefended, and a surprise The Source off a peddler made sneaking an agenda through the remote require eating the Vitruvius counter to play a Biotic to score it, at which point, I was basically out of ways to fast advance agendas, and lost shortly after.

Round 3: vs the other Alex's Kit; A start with two agendas, an Ichi as my only ice, led me to drop an MCA and click it turn one, and slapping the Ichi on R&D. I was able to recover after a few turns, but a ballsy ABT fire led to two Vitruviuses hitting the bin. Dispite that, another MCA got me a Global Food, and a Biotic got me the last ABT for the win.

Suggested Changes:

Seidr Adaptive is cool, but not great, I'd consider dropping them for something a bit cheaper; like IP Blocks or something, to use up the spare influence while you are at it.

Adonis Campaign is a good card, but the remote largely ends up occupied by MCA, I'd probably drop them for Lateral Growth, and possibly for the last Warroid Tracker, as that card can be really mean if the runner doesn't have Slums.

Probably swap the NAPD for a Global Food, as having the 5/3 to win the game seems more valuable than the 4 credit tax.

Also, I genuinely didn't realise I'd not spent all my influence, I think I'd adapted this from a theoretical list I'd made that used friends, when that apparent german MWL leak happened, and forgotten to spend that influence again.