Chameleon Rig

krinklechip 8

Inexpensive ice breaking with the Chameleon triplets.

Fully running, two of the Chameleons are free thanks to London Library & Cybsoft MacroDrives and only one click to install thanks to Hayley Kaplan: Universal Scholar.

LLDS Processors bump Chameleon to six (and with Replicator, you should have all three in play), Dinosaurus bumps one of them to eight, and both Lean and Mean & The Helpful AI can temporarily bump the other two to eight, as well.

Fairly resilient against rig-shooter, as there's so much redundancy. Losing Dinosaurus hurts, but not horribly. Out-of-turn damage is this deck's bane. Clone Chip and Plascrete Carapace help with that.