Wetwork Stronger (post rotation/core 2.0)

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CZCuckoo 116

First pass at a stronger together deck. make money with assets, and punish the runner for trashing them, or stealing agendas. Ice is likely to stick around without parasite, so making ice better might be useful.

14 Sep 2017 theboycobra

this is a pretty solid list. If I might be so bold, I kinda doubt HB needs to be importing econ, but if you DO, you might also consider consulting visit for on demand hellions/hunters/wetworks?

14 Sep 2017 CZCuckoo

Thanks for the commentary. So far I've found that I don't need to dig for the appropriate punishment. 3 copies of each has gone a long way. My main concern was making sure a hellion trace can stick, and the added capital investor econ has helped a great deal with that. A single Fairchild or Ravana in front of it, at +1 STR, and people have just been ignoring it. Capitol Investors is only 1 credit short of a melange mining corp, and you're not required to expend your full turn using it. I'm considering removing Zed in place of something else, but it hasn't been TOO problematic yet. Just not as useful as I'd like.