Big bada boom [Core2+Rotation Ready]

GreedyAlgorithm 20

Big bada boom

Jinteki will become the strongest faction!

Put Guru Davinder in your deck and beat them all!

I think Film Critic and Employee Strike will be listed on the new MWL...

Cheers Anyway!

13 Sep 2017 rubyvr00m

Have you considered building around Bookmark rather than Bagbiter? I feel like Bagbiter is way too vulnerable to MCA Informant. Bookmark + Sac Con seems like a more reliable way of holding on to the cards you need for a big Stimplant run.

14 Sep 2017 GreedyAlgorithm

rubyvr00m>>Thx for comment! Of course I know that way too. But I want to make more money and easy draw :) I will give you my video clip! I got MCA 3times on Bagbiter in that game lol. Dummy box is awesome.

27 Sep 2017 garbageaggro

Oof, it seems like the new MWL wrecks this a little bit. No longer any way to make a second run right?