Wartortle (2.0 ready)

Thike 1193

Some turtles just want to watch the world burn.

Since Core 2.0 took away Deja Vu, here's my updated attempt at an Anarch Aumakua/Sifr deck. I went with Valencia because you're ideally running a lot, and that BP adds up. Plus the surprise rebirth into Null, Kim, or Omar can go a long way.

Same strategy as before. Basically a reg-ass deck. Get setup, trash ice, steal agendas. More cutlery replace Parasite, and I'm tempted to find room for even more. Turns out ice destruction is good! Mining Accident gets you some serious cash. Lister, Datasucker and Sifr help when your Squirtle is still uncharged. And some conspiracy breakers jsut for good measure. The Turning Wheel is as good as RnD access gets for reg-ass Anarchs nowadays, and does play into the ideal scenario of having a few BP, a super-efficient AI breaker, and running a lot.

14 Sep 2017 tzeentchling

If you're running a lot with bad pub, isn't Salsette Slums better than Archives Interface? Otherwise, what operations do you want to get rid of?

14 Sep 2017 Thike

Boom, FiHP, cyberdex and Breached Dome in archives are all good targets for Archives Interface, but its pretty much a matter of preference.

15 Sep 2017 Laxen

I like this :3

16 Sep 2017 romanoSoprano

Liberated Account rotates

Isn't Mining Accident a bit overrated btw? It's basically Easy Mark level of efficiency

16 Sep 2017 Thike

Liberated is in the Revised Core Set.

I like Mining Accident. Sure, it doesn't pay out right away but getting more bad publicity is useful against pretty much every deck, especially asset spam decks. You could probably slot a current in that slot if you wanted.

18 Sep 2017 eljenso

You should use the cards from Revised Core Set, otherwise it says that the decklist is a "Pre-rotation decklist".