Crazy Pills

MNscooter 8

I'm publishing for the first time partially for fun, and partially because Core 2.0 will change the makings of this deck through the loss of SanSan.

Looking back through my decklists, I think this was my favorite Corp deck. I ran it for quite a while and it had a number of iterations. It suits my play-style of rushing right from the start, with backup plans for mid to late game, while keeping the runner on their toes.

There were a few things that remained consistent.

Agendas: All 2 point agendas. You only need 3 to win. Most of them are able to be fast-advanced with Trick of Light or SanSan. (SanSan normally gets trashed, but it's fine because the runner spent a click and a good number of credits.) They can also be bluffed as a trap. I tried using Merger as one of the agendas at one point, like a crazy person. I wouldn't recommend it, with this deck.

Assets/Upgrade: Mental Health Clinic is wonderful, because you aren't trying to flatline the runner. It's instant cash, and if the runner does trash it, they used up a click to do so. One of each trap so the runner never knows what to expect. As a bonus, if Shi.Kyu hits, the runner will have to score one additional agenda.

Operations: Mushin / Trick of Light is my favorite synergy for traps. It works wonderfully with the agenda suite. The rest is economy and backup plans.

Ice: This was the funnest to experiment with. Ice Wall is great, cheap ToL fuel, and most of the ice overall should be cheap since you'll be pretty poor and trying to rush early. Enigma stuck around for most of the iterations, and Lotus Field is critical against a number of powerful runner decks.

This certainly isn't top tier, but the deck is a ton of fun, and was a blast to play! I should probably have a Zoolander GIF here, but I'm not sure how to add GIFs. :)