Noise's Turtlesong (10th UK Nationals)

Angedelo 1343

Goodnight sweet prince.

Wanted to give Noise a good send-off and him and his turtle helped me to a good finish at nationals.

Probably not much point in going into card choices since this deck is finished competitively but it's fun to play. Can win against a lot of decks (sifr parasite for glacier, imp and lamprey for sync etc) but really can't beat prison and absolutely can't keep up with moons so I just wrote off those matches and hoped to dodge them (I did).

So if you want a fun tier 2 deck before rotato kicks in then maybe dust off the old meisterhacker for one last hurrah.

17 Sep 2017 Popeye09

Now I have a mental image of him serenely floating off to the horizon on the back of a large turtle, like a weird kind of viking ship burial. (Maybe a nearby bhagat would set him on fire first?) Departing on a virus, it's what he would have wanted...

17 Sep 2017 ouroborosglyx

weeps profusely