Salem's Renovations (Hate Build)

IonFox 1262


This deck is built solely to beat Vanadis builds. By using this deck, you accept the fact that your hatred for Vanadis has outweighed the need for a gameplan against any other runner. If you're not ok with that, you should probably play IG with Genetics Pavilion instead.

The bulk of this hate is pretty simple. Using Skorpios, Underway Renovation, Kala Ghoda Real TV and a whole bunch of other things, attempt to remove important combo pieces from the game. The 3 tiers are:

1) Please Die: Dadiana Chacon, Salvaged Vanadis Armory and Bookmark

2) Hope he hasn't drawn the vital pieces: Titanium Ribs, Amped Up and Inject

3) Everything else

ICE: All about locking out the breakerless Quetzal builds. They all also (especially Hortum) also contribute in taxing and blocking overminds if they play them.

Economy: You're not looking to Midseasons (rip) them, you just need enough to rez the ICE and advance agendas. From advice on reddit, since you usually have only 1-2 cards advanced at most times, Mass Commercialisation should probably be swapped with Beanstalk Royalties.

Blacklist is to stall Trope shenanigans, and MCA deals with any ambitious early Chacon installs and beats the Tri-Maf builds into the ground.

If you don't get any hate pieces, you can always attempt to rush out 7 points like any other corp facing a perfectly fair Vanadis build.

And that's all. Credit to @obscurica for sharing his original with me and good hunting, everyone! ^w^

18 Sep 2017 Sanjay

Thanks so much!

Crossing "find a corp for Worlds" off my to-do list is a big weight off my chest.

19 Sep 2017 CaKnuckleguy

Pretty sure Blacklist is the new hotness tech against every runner. Techs vrs the bloose and clippy in almost every deck, and as a 'must kill' its surprisingly delicious to rez

19 Sep 2017 Damien Stark

38 cards. I guess throw in some Spiderwebs or something...

19 Sep 2017 Johnny Polite

I feel like you could make a breaker trashing deck that's decent in general while also being good against Vanadis, without going all in like this. Consulting Visit, Salem's, and Ark Lockdown should be enough (I'd think) to remove Vanadis from the game on the turn they trigger Bug Out Bag. You can build around that with code gates (to deal with Quetzal, but also because Black Orchestra is awful) and the usual Hatchet Job combo.

20 Sep 2017 IonFox

@Damien Stark This list is post-rotation legal. Not sure why you only see 38 cards.

@Johnny PoliteAbsolutely. Pretty sure this could be a decent normal list. But this isn't a decent normal list with a steady income and family of 4. Its a hate list.

Currents are also good to turn off strike vs ither runners, and the agenda suite could get swapped a bit.