Spicy Seidr Box

obscurica 1298

Was reminded by @PyWiz that Mason Bellamy is a card. Furthermore, Stimslack discussion noted that False Leads can be used to disrupt BOBSVAN mid-combo, ruining their ability to mill out. It also works in general with the deck's clicktaxing strategy, so why not?

Theoretically, then, you can run an HB fast-advance deck that either prevents them from getting BOBcash from Peace in Our Time by scoring agendas, lock them out of combo by having False Leads in-hand, or just use the influence to land a well-defended Genetics Pavilion behind a Code Gate or Barrier they can't push past.

Outside of fucking with SVA, though: it's yer standard HB Fast Advance/Click Tax shenanigan. Lock them out with MCA Austerity Policy+Enhanced Login Protocol+Strongbox+Mason Bellamy, score Project Vitruvius and False Leads out of hand, and either use MCA Austerity Policy's trash ability or False Leads to bust open scoring windows for Global Food Initiative.

18 Sep 2017 obscurica

Note: randomized test hands indicate that IPO and Violet Level might be too much. Replacing IPO with Green Level Clearance might be better.