gumonshoe 2973

This deck has money, can rush if needed and can play a glaciery game if needed. It's ability to fast advance is pretty key to being able to do anything. I think it really needs a CVS, but so long as clot+construct is a thing its almost better to give up on the FA angle and then you can use your assets for the NA game, running the runner over an expensive server that doesn't have agendas.

You can NA with this deck. All of the 4/2s can be NA'd by using your FA tools on the following turn. The only 4/2 you'll ever have to NA is corporate sales team.

News Hound & Little engine are worth the influence splash in this meta. Little Engine is very good vs BlackOrchestra (3+3+3-5=4 to get through, but requires 9 for the attempt, so on the inside of a server it can do what it needs to do. Not a lot of d4 in decks that I've seen.) News hound is six to get through for MkUltra, so again a good buy.

Macrophage is just good. A single crick on archives for MAW decks is good for when they go to check archives, not because it defends against. DNA tracker just makes the next ice harder to deal with. It doesn't fire very often. Susanoo isn't worth rezzing unless you're rich; would consider an alternative, but it's taxing vs almost every deck that isn't criminal.

That's what I've got. Deck is still losing, still needs to be tuned. I haven't pulled off Special Report + shipment from tennin yet. But hopefully it'll happen someday. Special Report is largely necessary as a jackson replacement. Kind of hate that it's 4 inf. Friends is similar as it keeps your assets up in running in a meta that has a harder time dealing with them. Still not seeing imp in many decks for whatever reason. I imagine that'll become a staple eventually, even if it's only for the HQ/R&D pressure.

18 Sep 2017 x3r0h0ur

Why no Excalibur? Seems worth it to just win vs decks not running an AI?

18 Sep 2017 gumonshoe

It's palana? I don't think it'd mean a win in this deck. It'd help cut down on runs, sure, but if it's only one no ones going to run that server except for last click. No psi games, no defensive upgrades.

18 Sep 2017 x3r0h0ur

Yea nisei....i thought you had batty too though.