Absent-Minded Ayla

obscurica 1298

Oh crap, that new rumored banlist is really... really... something. Most notably: runner econ is effectively trashed. The loss of Bloo Moose and Temüjin Contract denies two of the singular most impacting economy cards on the runner's side of the game, and the restrictions list makes Magnum Opus a difficult fallback if you still want Levy or Employee Strike access.

So a lot of sacrifices have to be made. Data Folding, for instances, actually looks like a decent econ engine now, simply due to the lack of viable alternatives. I chose to centralize on Magnum Opus at the cost of the rest of the restricted list here with Ayla, simply because Ayla's probably the most reliable access point for that card -- and with Data Folding and Aeneas Informant, her drip econ game actually starts to look dangerous.

Lack of Levy for recirculating key cards hurts, but hey -- we're on Core 2 now. That means we have both Test Run and Scavenge, which synergizes nicely with the returned Dinosaurus and Dhegdheer to ensure that Data Folding has the spare memory it needs to work.

And if Data Folding has MU to spare, then you have reason enough to run Deep Data Mining and Overmind too. Overmind, in particular, lets Ayla slap aside Excaliburs and other "interesting" tricks that corps were seen adopting recently, especially those pesky AgInfusion decks.

That still leaves you a chunk of influence to spare too, so there's no reason why you shouldn't tax corps with a few Mining Accidents.

I think that works? You definitely have to dig deep. Cortex Lock is going to HURT, so the first thing you'll want to do vs Jinteki is secure Na'Not'K, preferably putting it on Dinosaurus to reduce the impact of that specific pain point.

Rebirth options depends on when you draw it. Late, it might be worth going Chaos Theory to maximize Overmind tokens. Mid-game, Exile draws you deeper as you swap programs on and off Dhegdheer. And depending on how their ice is positioned, it might even be worth going Rielle "Kit" Peddler: Transhuman to take full advantage of Gordian Blade's strength-preserving effect.

20 Sep 2017 FarCryFromHuman

Finding room for some Hyperdrivers would be awesome, but I think they are cards 46-48 = /

21 Sep 2017 Scoogsy

I'm impressed with the deck list. I'll be keen to give this a run.