Los - Core 2.0, Rotation, Banned/Restricted

RedAllOver 42

My very first attempt at making a Runner deck.

20 Sep 2017 esutter479

I would vote the Mongoose out. Definitely no need for that with a Turtle and Na'Not'K in there, IMO.

21 Sep 2017 RedAllOver

@esutter479Agreed. I thought I took it out, whoops. Wouldn't be a first time post without a little publishing error.

21 Sep 2017 kusoash

I love Underworld Contact in any runner deck and am so glad it made the 2.0 cut, however, it really needs the support to make it shine. There are only 4 givers and they're all unique. If you use Maxwell James' ability then you're down to one unless you can replace it in the same turn. Considering Los has 0 base I really think you need to reconsider the link options in this deck or replace UWC entirely. Otherwise, the deck looks pretty good!

22 Sep 2017 Navelgazer

I have to agree with kusoash here. A lot of this looks good, but I think Link is a dead-end "one thing too many" concept with this deck. I'd lie some Dirty Laundry here, as that gives you money if they run ice-light, which you'll run into, especially in the early game.