THE ULTIMATE GAME- NothingPersonal, Kid.

Handsome Jack 1589

Have you ever thought to yourself, "Wow. I'm drawing an agenda every turn! I must be really unlucky!" or, "Dang runners! I can't tag them!" If so, get ready to play THE ULTIMATE GAME, a deck that wins or loses based your ability to install agendas without hugging a clone or a bioroid. In order to play THE ULTIMATE GAME, simply follow this five step program.

  1. Gain Money

  2. Install Vanity Project or Government Takeover in a server with Old Hollywood Grid (if they have slightly more $$$ than you)

2.5: Deploy Death Glare

3a: The runner is a wuss and does not run your agenda

3b: They run the agenda, cleverly putting themselves at game point

4: Teleport behind the runner

  1. NothingPersonal, kid. shoots in face

  2. You have won THE ULTIMATE GAME.

22 Sep 2017 haywire

3b 1: Runner installs Film Critic (A Card in almost every Deck nowadays) and runs the agenda.

3b 2: Runner adds Agenda to Scorearea, whit a smiling face, knowing you have 2 Punitive Counterstrike in HQ.

22 Sep 2017 LynxMegaCorp

This deck begs for an MCA Informant!

22 Sep 2017 Handsome Jack

Plan B in case of Film Critic:

  1. Slot Snatch and Grab
  2. Rush out Vanity Project 1
  3. Courier Vanity Project 2
  4. Replace Reversed Accounts with a Project Junebug and play a shell game inside of a Glacier