Palana Painmaker

obscurica 1297

Shamelessly stealing from Tundinator, based on our Stimslack conversation (though he's likely not using this exact list).

Theory goes that the damage incurred and required just to touch the agendas in a post-rotation Jinteki deck necessitates heavy card draw from the runner -- which feeds nicely into Palana's game plan to profit off of the runner's constant hand refuel. And when they finally do manage to grab something, it's only to take Punitive Counterstrike to the face for their troubles.

The ideal scoring server, off of this gameplan, is any sort of combination between Kakugo, Data Loop, a third piece of ice, Hokusai Grid, and a Marcus Batty. At that point, it literally doesn't matter what icebreakers they have. Paperclip will trigger Kakugo's damage, Data Loop's pseudo-damage is on-encounter, and Hokusai after just those two drops a full hand of five down to just one card -- making Batty either a kill card, if Chiyashi is up (or Cortex Lock if they're on a Data Mining plan), a rigshooter via Tithonium or Conundrum, or a vanilla ETR.

There are a few bits of tech here and there to keep things Interesting. Mushin No Shin isn't exactly a fast-advance card when you have to wait a turn for it, but it is click compression, allowing for safer scoring setup. It's also a perfect six-point play: you can corner the runner into a forced do-or-die run after scoring two agendas, making the Snare lethal from the scoring server. Using Mushin to drop it in just makes it all the more painful.

Mostly, though, you're just gonna be tossing Snares back with Heritage Committee.